Bilge Board Cases 2

Once the cloth is trimmed the case spacers are glued and screwed in place, WEST barrier (aluminum) additive is added to the resin and rolled onto the case interiors. This will not only improve moisture resistance, but will make a very tough surface in this high wear area.

The case is then temporarily screwed together and a simple drill jig (made from scraps of lumber glued together and drilled on the drill press) is clamped in place. A long 1/2 inch installer bit is used here.

Now the last verticals are added to the ends of the case and the whole case is power planed true and finally sanded, carefully rounding all corners.

Before gluing the cases into place, the bilge keels are shaped and trial fitted. This is easy at this time because the pieces can be clamped to the hull through the slots. These will be glassed and given the same barrier coating before being added to the boat after the bilge board cases are fitted and trimmed.

Dale Hymanyk 2022